Lufthansa’s MySkyStatus Combines Social Media, Flight Tracking

Flight trackers have been around for a long time, but they haven’t worked very well with social media. Dopplr and TripIt have the ability to connect with your social profiles, but not in real time.

Enter Lufthansa:


The branded MySkyStatus application automatically posts periodic departure, arrival, and en route flight info as status updates to users’ Facebook and Twitter streams. An accompanying link enables users to continue tracking the flight’s progress. And it doesn’t just work for Lufthansa flights — the list of participating carriers is exhaustive. The service mimics what people are doing already — tweeting when they arrive — but has the added advantages of being more accurate and working while you’re in the air with no Internet connectivity.


MySkyStatus is similar to the German site FlightMemory, which launched earlier this year and also updates Twitter when your flight departs or arrives.

The days of proprietary brand experiences are over. Brands today need to contribute to people’s lives in a useful way and not limit their outreach to brand-only engagement. In offering this service, Lufthansa has demonstrated a good execution of social media strategy:

  • MySkyStatus is easy to use
  • Customers receive something of value with minimal effort
  • Because it’s valuable, users naturally want to share it with others
  • It works just as well with Lufthansa’s competitors’ services as with its own
  • It gives users choices about what/how much information they want to share
  • It communicates up front what customers will gain even before they engage with the application

Way to go! It will be interesting to see the next moves from Dopplr and TripIt.

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