Saturday Social Marketing Round-Up

Here are some great stories from this week about social marketing:

Integrating Social Media Into Marketing (Social Media B2B)
A big reason that we hear a lot about the shift to social media is that organizations are looking to reduce their marketing costs. Yes, leveraging social media can be far less expensive then a large scale print advertising campaign.

Marketing Generation Gap Threatens B2B Survival (Words Sell)
When marketing ideas that elude b2b leadership are patently obvious to young adults with zero training in marketing – you’ve got yourself a real problem. You’ve got a disconnect between what buyers want and what sellers think buyers want. Or, more precisely, you’ve got a disconnect between what buyers want and what sellers think they themselves want when they’re buying.

Why Are Marketers So Bad At Measuring Social Media? (And How Can They Get Better?) (Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals)
The fact is, social media marketers are drowning in a sea of metrics. Every social platform and vendor offers its own metrics, and there are literally hundreds of ways to measure the success of social initiatives. With so many numbers to choose from, and so little insight into which metrics are important, it’s not surprising that marketers feel overwhelmed.

Ten Things Social Media Can’t Do (Advertising Age)
Amid the endless pronouncements about social media — often shortened to “social” these days by consultants trying to sound like they know what they are talking about — is the reality that social media is not a solution, or a sure bet.

How Twitter and Social Marketing Will Save the Movies (Jim Louderback)
Social media marketing was behind the biggest movie you’ve never heard of, the amazing Paranormal Activity, which took in $22 million last weekend, making it the highest grossing flick of the week, nearly double its closest competitor.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 2 (MyVenturePad)
Social media, and discussions of its value for PR and marketing, have become ubiquitous. But which social media tool do marketers find most valuable?

Marketing in social media not off-putting to users (BizReport)
More research has added weight to the assertion that social network users are receptive to brand marketing messages in their various social environments and are happy to recommend products or services themselves.

10 Essential Social Media Blogs You Should Definitely Bookmark (Inspired Mag)
The social blog scene is getting pretty crowded these days and we cannot just stand here without releasing a new list. So give it up for the coolest social media & social marketing blogs out there.

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