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6 Corporate Pioneers in the Social Media Space

Revolutions in social media continue to stir evolutions in corporate customer engagement. As with any change in business processes, there are those who become champions of the newest strategies and tactics while others suffer missteps trying to adjust to new paradigms.

One of the first questions from anyone hesitant to engage in social media is what return on investment they can expect. This week’s Six @ Six highlights six companies leading the way in positive social media engagement. These industry leaders have created interactive and fully integrated online experiences that reach new audiences and generate excitement among supporters…

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How Social Media is Changing the 2010 Grammys

On Sunday January 31, 2010, the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will air live on CBS. Mashable founder Pete Cashmore will be at the ceremony (lucky dog!) but even for those of us watching at home, the Recording Academy has taken great strides to make this year’s ceremony more interactive and fan-centric than ever before.

The Academy has also embraced social media for the 2010 Grammys, big time. We had a chance to talk to the RA about the move toward social media, the challenges associated with the transition and the response from the fans, artists and other Academy members…

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Top 8 Ways to Use Social Media

Here’s a great video by Lewis Howes on how companies should use social media. In less than six minutes, you can learn the elements of good social-media practices.

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Customer Experience More Important than Ever

The sum of all experiences you have with a brand is part of marketing. There is a lot of really good research on this topic.

While in the boom years many companies focused on acquiring new customers with a churn and burn mindset, many are now coming to the realization that there are only a finite number of prospects out there — many of them are their current customers.

You read that right. Often you will know a customer is exploring other services, you may learn they are by tracking their browsing habits on your site.

However, if you haven’t cultivated a good relationship with them, they won’t buy from you. Part of the good relationship is the ease with which they can do business with you. Would they recommend you to someone else? More importantly, would they buy more from you themselves?

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What Social Followers Want

Deals aren’t the only thing

Brand marketers want consumers to follow them to build buzz and engagement, but social media users often desire something in return. What they’ve come to expect is a good deal, but many consumers—including the most active users of social sites—are also interested in deeper engagement.

A December 2009 MarketingSherpa survey indicated that learning about specials and sales was the top motivation of those who friended or followed a brand online, supporting the results of earlier surveys. But looking for savings was followed closely by learning about new products, features or services…

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Conan’s Good-bye: 10 of 10 in Leadership, Reputation, and Community

A Lesson in Reputation Management

At a time that anyone serving the public is aware of the importance of brand and reputation management. It’s still rare to see a fine example of a response to a tough situation that shows authentic, human leadership. The recent NBC / Conan O’Brien situation had so much press that millions of people were following it.

Conan O’Brien’s farewell came after what could be called an unseating, what may have felt a betrayal. His final good-bye was televised. How would he communicate with grace and dignity when a crowds of fans and lawyers are looking at him to recognize what’s been?

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Social Media – Give It Some Time!

When talking to clients about social media and its effects on increasing sales of their products and increasing traffic to their site, the most asked, common question is: “That’s great — but what will social media do for us? Show me the money!” — and their point is rightfully valid. For those who still don’t quite understand the long-term effects that social media has on their company, it is rather difficult for them to understand the true purpose for setting aside a budget directly for social media, as they don’t see the monetary effects and gains that social media has on their organization. Even for those few who do understand the purpose for utilizing social media tools,  tracking monetary gains and effectiveness of social media it is still not an easy concept to grasp…

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