The New Marketing Landscape

In today’s networked world, mobile devices, e-mail, and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have seemingly become essential to our daily lives, and all three avenues are being used for marketing purposes — many times, simultaneously. In an effort to get a better picture of how marketers use these various mediums to communicate their messages, eROI conducted a study in April, 2010. The focus of the survey was two-fold — they surveyed marketers to determine:

  • The impact of mobile marketing in e-mail and Web marketing programs
  • The importance and impact of social networks in relation to their e-mail and Web marketing efforts

The end result, according to eROI, was a better understanding of how marketers are leveraging mobile, e-mail, and social platforms. The study also offered some new insights about how to better plan for and integrate all of the available opportunities.

As expected, social media marketing is the most sought-after strategy. The obvious reason is that social networks connect people with brands and build relationships and engagement without being intrusive and “in your face”.

In terms of budget allocation, the top three focus areas for marketers in 2010 are:

  • E-mail marketing
  • Online community
  • Integrated campaigns

The other upcoming budgeted trend is Virtual Events. According to the study, “45% of marketers increased 2009 budgets for online community creation/management. This validates that last year’s biggest wins were influenced by online community, and marketers have recognized that. 66% of marketers increased 2009 budgets for email marketing, proving that this channel, which generates high ROI, is still going strong“.

(Download a free copy of the eRoi study here.)

Flowtown has illustrated the most interesting of these findings in the infographic below (click to see the full-sized version):

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