Careful, Google: Facebook Has Passed You in Time Spent on Site [Chart]

If Google isn’t already worried about Facebook, this should unnerve them.

According to the latest data from comScore, time spent on Facebook was greater than time spent on Google sites in the U.S. in August for the first time ever. In the meantime, Yahoo continues its downward slide.

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  • Tampa Attorney

    This statistic only shows how powerful facebook as a social media nowadays, it seems that facebook can truly compete and outrank google. Seems this competition is really exciting for us facebook and google users.

  • Chintan Kotadia

    Excellent graph. Google needs to think about it. Otherwise, facebook will be no.1

  • Chintan Kotadia

    Google needs to think about it otherwise day is not far away when facebook will over take it. Thanks for sharing it mate!

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