Average Age of a Facebook User? 38. [Infographic]

The demographics of the most popular social networking sites are changing quickly and, once again, the team at Flowtown has done a great job of compiling the latest statistics about Facebook users and social network usage in general.  Did you know that the average age of a Facebook user is 38 years old?  Even more interesting is that 61% of Facebook users are now older than 38 — the company has come a long way since first launching exclusively to an audience of college students.

And what about Twitter? The average Twitter user is 39, and 64% of tweeters are 35 or older.

Another interesting statistic found in the data is that social media users who are 18 to 29 use social networks almost as much as they use e-mail; other reports have recently suggested that users under 18 use social networks more than e-mail.

Check out all the details below!

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  • Goes to show that Facebook has found it’s place in everyone’s life. At some capacity even the most basic computer user (My Greek Mother-In Law) is on Facebook.

  • Really interesting post Pam. It seems there’s a misconception by many business users that Facebook, Twitter etc are primarily aimed at children and teenagers -perhaps because social media itself is a relatively young discipline.In my own experience the people I communicate most with on Twitter are those in the workplace using dedicated apps and mobiles, while Facebook increasingly seems to be a place where all ages can communicate. We actually carried out some demographic research recently which had some interesting results as well :http://bit.ly/a1q3Qy


  • Very interesting how the older generations are embracing FB and technology in general. Now if I could only get my mom on the web.

  • I was surprised to find this out, maybe because it near my age and I am just getting into it myself to keep in touch with people. Mind you I was into smart phone until i got one 2 months ago – I love it. i had sort of thought it was all for the younger generations.

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  • Now that’s where our target audience went to Pam! Businesses need to get smart or die. Indeed the need for today’s leaders to think about tomorrows technology and rules of engagement today, has always been the case and many of course are doing just that. But the majority of businesses, certainly in the UK, are just not getting it and think that facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc is for kids and web2.0 is some sort of later version or upgrade. No longer will shouting outbound interrupt marketing work. It’s time for quality over quantity and listening and engagement.

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  • I found this rather suprising, I thought that the average age would be younger. I know that the most active age on social media are twenty-somethings but it is cool to know that there are billions of older people on Social Media as well.

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