Facebook Advertising Case Study: Clorox Green Works

For several months, Clorox had been advertising their Green Works brand of environmentally-friendly products on Facebook without any noticeable boost in revenue or awareness. The company began a new Facebook campaign in 2010 with the goal or raising community awareness. Clorox also wanted to entice its fans to register at their Green Works Web page with the goal of developing and “army of advocates”.The promotional effort consisted of several different initiatives, ranging from a $3 off coupon to helping the company decide where to send charitable donations.

Campaign details:

  • Target audience: Females aged 25-34
  • Goal: Increase awareness of Green Works
  • Various incentives offered for visiting Facebook page

Clorox used Facebook Targeting to reach its ideal Green Works consumers: Females 25- to 54-years old who list keywords related to cleaning in the Likes and Interests section of their Facebook profiles. “Because of how granular we can get with Facebook, we were really able to hone in on Facebook users who have ‘clean’ and ‘green’ in their Facebook profiles,” says Sandra Eymann, Associate Group Manager, Media Investments. “So we felt that every person we were reaching was right on target.”

Clorox almost immediately discovered that the $3 off coupon was far more effective than any campaign they had implemented to date. A .11% engagement rate set records for the company, and this engagement was later correlated to a 12% increase in brand awareness in a Nielsen study.  More than 20,000 fans submitted comments and voted for the charitable drives as well.  Over 33% of Clorox’s Facebook visitors for the 2010 year can be directly linked to this advertising.

Results details:

  • Engagement was high. More than 20,000 Green Works Facebook fans voted on the Green Heroes Grant Program, selecting winners from the “youth,” “adult,” and
    “schools” category from among more than 400 entries.

  • During the $3 off on Green Works laundry detergent campaign that ran from May 3, 2010 to June 27, 2010, the engagement rate reached .11%.

  • “The engagement rate with our coupon within the Facebook environment was much higher than previous digital coupon campaigns we have run in other apertures,” says Scott Iason, Clorox’s Group Manager, Media Investments.

  • About 30,000 of the people who connected to the Green Works Page in 2010, or 33% of its total 89,000 connections as of mid-September 2010, can be directly linked to advertising.

  • A “brandlift” study conducted by media research firm Nielsen found that intent to purchase the Green Works detergent among Facebook users surveyed after the May 2010 coupon offer increased 7%.

  • The same Nielsen study found that the campaign drove a significant 12% increase in awareness of the brand.

Read the case study here.