Social Networks: Winners and Losers [Infographic]

Here in the U.S., the big kid on the social media block is Facebook. But a look at social networks around the world shows that there are many platforms competing for niche markets.

This informative infographic from Ignite Social Media offers some interesting statistics. It shows the rising stars and the fading lights of social media, as well as stats about what kinds of people are using which apps. Have you ever wondered which social networks are most popular with men? With women? Which platform has the oldest demographic? Where do the wealthiest among us go for their networking needs? The background data for this analysis came from Google, largely through Google Insight for Search and Google Ad Planner.

Some Takeaways:

  • Facebook is more popular among women
  • Reddit and Digg are more popular among men
  • Plaxo has the most users over the age of 65
  • LinkedIn’s users are the wealthiest
  • Plurk is #1 among well-educated users with graduate degrees
  • Tumblr is the fastest-growing platform, while MySpace is declining the most rapidly

Check out the infographic below — click the image to see the full-size version.

The current state of social networks: winners and losers [infographic]

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  • your charts are very helpful, myspace and hi5 are tool old and outdated for many users.

  • Thank you for this social research )) I like LinkedIn and wealth ))

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  • I was surprised to see such an increase with reddit. It must the influx of diggers coming after they jumped ship.

  • Thanks for sharing. The information provided here is interesting. However, I’m wondering why there is no information about Twitter?

  •  Great infographic. Yes, I think we reached a saturation point.

  • Absolutely awesome infograph. It’s really interesting to see and analyse all this intersting data.

  • taylor

    your infographics and analysis are very, very useful. Excellent work and very much appreciated