Social Media Marketing Has a Major Influence on Moms’ Buying

Want to market to socially-savvy moms? 92% of them buy products based on social media recommendations.

How do moms use social media to make buying decisions?Data from a new study by Child’s Play Communications, specialists in connecting companies with moms, shows that moms are increasingly using social networks to research products. Presented at the Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago,“How Moms are Using Social Media Right Now — and How You Can Make the Most of It”, also found that Facebook and blogs have the largest impact on their purchasing decisions.

1200 moms who are active on social media sites were asked these questions:

  1. What social media platforms do you currently favor?
  2. How has that changed?
  3. Why?
  4. What social media platforms impact your purchase decisions?
  5. What products do you buy as a result of social media recommendations?


  • Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are the three most popular social media platforms among social moms.
  • 63% of moms tried Pinterest for the first time this year.
  • 28% would like to try Instagram.
  • Moms are early adopters of social media: Polyvore and Olioboard are among the new services they’re using.
  • 64% of moms are spending more time on Facebook than in the past.
  • 33% of them use Twitter less.
  • 92% of moms buy products as a result of a social media recommendation.
  • 80% say that blogs influence their purchasing decisions more than any other social media sites.
  • Toys are the #1 children’s product purchased by moms based on social media recommendations.

This data emphasizes how much moms’ use of social media has a remarkable impact on the products they buy and where they buy them. It helps solidify the importance to brands of including social media marketing as part of any plan that targets moms.


A related study from Nielsen also shows how American moms have embraced social media. They are active and influential online, and look to social networks to connect with brands and read product reviews.

Moms use social networks to connect with brands and read product reviews