Blogs Influence Consumer Spending More Than Social Networks

Blogging breeds community, where influence is born.

Blogs Influence Consumer Spending More Than Social NetworksA new survey from Technorati has found that many consumers are turning to blogs when they’re looking to buy something. They rank blogs as the third most influential digital resource (31%) when it comes to making purchase decisions, following retail sites (56%) and brand sites (34%). But it turns out that where brands are spending is not fully aligned with how and where consumers are seeing value and being influenced.

Social media marketing is only 10% of digital marketing budgets

A majority of brand marketers said they count on Facebook to reach influencers — more than half of their social media marketing budget goes to the social network, followed by YouTube and Twitter, with the remaining 11% of their social spend going to blogs and other influencers:

Social media marketing budget breakdown

But consumers say they’re more influenced by smaller communities.

They enjoy sharing information, learning from each other, discussing ideas, and communicating with others who have the same interests.

The smaller the social community, the greater the influence on consumer buying

Blogs are the 5th most trustworthy source for information on the Internet.

Blogs are the 5th most trustworthy source for information on the Internet

In terms of shaping consumer opinion, blogs are the third-most influential online service.

Only retail and brand sites rank higher in influencing purchase decisions. Blogs are more important to consumers than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks. But brands are not taking advantage of this influence when it comes to investing in marketing initiatives.

Blogs influence more purchases than Facebook

Brands work with these metrics when deciding which influencers to work with.

65% of brands participate in influencer-based marketing. When it comes to selecting which influencers to work with, brands are using metrics like comScore and Nielsen indices, Twitter and Facebook following, and basic blog statistics.

Brands use different metrics than influencers

Influencers use different metrics to measure their own success.

Blog/website page views rank highest (52%) among influencers. Social following (Facebook likes, Twitter followers) and user interactions (comments) also rate highly among influencers, as do Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

Social metrics followed by inflluencers

Do you want to be an influencer? You need to start blogging.

What are you waiting for? This information about huge impact of blogging on purchases should be a catalyst for changing the way you leverage social media marketing for your brand.

86% of influencers blog

Check out the full report to gain more insight into how to use digital marketing to reach your target audience.

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    • Glad it’s helpful! It’s a wake-up call for brands who want to reach the right audience.

  • Great to know all of these Pam. Blogs can do wonders and it is one of the component of marketing that should not be neglected and of course plus the effort of social media and all of the other.