What Top Brands Have Learned From Their Facebook Experience

At over 350 million users and growing, Facebook has clearly morphed from a fad into mature marketing platform. But many CMOs still scratch their heads, trying to research best practices and find case studies about how to successfully leverage Facebook for branding, marketing, customer service, etc.

Here’s a great presentation I found, created by Axon Alex, a digital planner at Tribal DDB. This deck offers a simple, concise look at some of the lessons learned last year by Fortune 500 companies as they reached out to their customers on Facebook.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • #1 More warmth. Less Spam. Users hate their walls being filled up by repeated posts from the page. There’s a clear line between Updates and Spam.
  • #4 Invite them to your world Stream live, post pictures of events and the office, free invites… However you want to do it, invite them to your world with exclusive content. Imagine yourself to be Willy Wonka, and your fans with golden tickets.
  • #10 If they complain, don’t hug them a month later. See that’s just weird. IF they have a gripe, talk to them instantly. You want a fan pissed off for over a week or just a day?
  • #11 Your fans are the best research team you have. They know your brand inside out. At least some of them would, so take their word for it and get it out of them. Build the fan page together, better your products or even discuss your next ad.
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