Facebook Games: 10 Eye-Opening Statistics [Infographic]

Facebook is one of the stickiest Web sites in the world, and the popularity of Facebook games is part of the reason why. Whether you love them or loathe them, games have become an integral part of the Facebook experience. All Facebook compiled some interesting stats about Facebook games and created a nice infographic to illustrate the data.

Of Facebook’s more than 500 million active users, about 265 million play games (the majority are women), and 19% of them consider themselves “addicts”. And over 11% of users (56 million) play daily — more than the entire population of England.

Check out the stats:

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Facebook is Trampling Other Social Networks

Back in March 2008, Facebook was poised to overtake MySpace, but it wasn’t yet the most popular social network in the world. Now it’s obliterating everybody. This chart from a report on SharesPost tells the story: Facebook’s popularity is unmatched — it’s on a completely different scale than its competitors.

And Facebook’s advertising business is booming thanks to brands marketing their Facebook pages (and spamming their customers like they used to in the good old days via e-mail) and virtual game studios’ steady acquisition of new users. There’s also “Pay With Facebook”, which gives Facebook a 30% cut of its insanely fast-growing virtual goods market AND could wind up us a one-click payment option across the Internet.

(Via Business Insider)

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