Video: 2009 in Social Media

Rob Cottingham, of the “Noise to Signal” Web comic, produced this terrific 8-minute video retrospective of 2009 through the lens of social media. (It’s so chock-full of events that it definitely feels shorter than 8 minutes.)

From Rob’s blog:

From the election of the first American social media president… to a nod to social media from the mainstreamiest of mainstream media (Oxford Dictionary, for god’s sake!)… it’s been a big, tumultuous sprawling toddler of a year, prone to tantrums and potty accidents but adorable nonetheless.

Here, then, is 2009 the way it was meant to be remembered… in doodles.

(If you’re unable to see the video, you can watch it here.)

Happy New Year, everyone — here’s to a great 2010!

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